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Transformers, A-Team, CHiPS, and Tuxedo Herbie!

You just never know with our events who is going to show up.  This one was a lone email asking us if we could bring some star cars to a CHP event, on a Wednesday morning.  Now most people have to go to work, so I sent out the word, and one SCC member, Jerry, and his Herbie was able to get there.   So was “poor Jerry” all by himself with his lone star car, surrounded by CHP? Uh, no.

Who’s that behind Herbie? Look Familar? That’s Eric Estrada from the TV show Chips.
Here he is again, hugging some guy, who he seems to know pretty well. He had just arrived on a motorcycle.
Yep, it’s Larry Wilcox, his on screen partner, on a 80’s style CHIPS bike owned by Barry! (Who brought a set of his classic police cars too!)
That’s pretty cool, right? But wait, look who Jerry parked his Tuxedo Herbie next to!
Yep, the ONE star car I have been hunting for years, sat in when it went up for sale, pulls up and parks next to Herbie! The A-Team van!
So officially, they are on the team, now that I know they take the car our for events!
So that’s pretty cool too! Now if there were only a few other star cars…..
You might have spotted Bumblebee from Transformers in the photo with Eric Estrada greeting Larry Wilcox, oh, and that one of a kind Silver Concept Corvette behind BB is also a Transformer.
The only Transformer star bigger than Bumble Bee would be Optimus prime. Too bad he didn’t show…. oh wait!
optimus prime nate truman
Toss in the Govenator, a few other celebrities and VIP’s and you have a pretty cool event! I guess we should have taken the day off.


PUMPKIN FEST day 2, Cooler day, cool cars! KITT takes a hit for the team!

Well after the Horace update, now back to the other half of the Pumpkin Festival!  As I write this most of the Star Car Central core members are on their way to VEGAS to be a part of a Star Car Show there, and I am sitting here blogging.  How is this fair? I started the dang group!?!?   Actually, I know they will have a good time caravaning out to Vegas, a pile of Star Cars is just plain stupid fun!     As long as they take photos, I will be there in spirit at least!

As I have said before, wherever two or more starcars are gathered in my name…. it’s a SCC event!

Now back to the the Pumpkin Festival report, day two!

We had a smaller group on Sunday, but a rare appearance of Paul and his Mad Max Interceptor car joined Jason’s Herbie, Paul’s BTTF Delorian and my KITT for a second day.  

Jason’s Herbie attracted a few other celebrity look-a-likes!

As for Paul’s BTTF car, he just needs to stop adding stuff to his car to attract attention!


 My star car day  did not start like I wanted.   First I started up KITT and heard a weird “pop pop” sound, looked all around and decided that what ever I had run over on Saturday had made an opening in my manifold gasket.   It didn’t sound great, but I had two special kids who have ocular cancer and thier families that I didn’t want to dissapoint, so I hit the freeways.  It was not as hot as the day before, but I still had the A/C on the whole way.   Well at some point (about where I hit something the day before I think) I hit something else!  My best guess is some sort of  “L” shaped metal that when you drive over it it kicks up, but I didn’t see anything.   When I got to the fest, I finally got to see the damage to the nose and fender.  Nothing I could do at that point, but enjoy the day!  (Although I did over hear one woman say “wow, there’s KITT, that car has seen better days….)    😦

charger steve show 049




Here Paul is listening to an amazing story of mine, with rapt attention!  After I finished, Paul, dumb struck at my facinating story, decided he wanted

to perform a karate demonstration in the street!  It was actually nice to be able to sit with different members of the SCC and catch up and learn more about the “cross-geeking” each member enjoys.  (i.e. Rock bands and Disney pins Paul – Herbie and Horror Jason and his dad…)  My parents got to meet KITT for the first time, and they both blended right in, but my mom thought my dad fit in a little TOO well….

With my parents visitng and sitting with them, then my wife and kids showing up and having lunch with them, some where in there I MISSED the kids, but of course my star car cronies stepped up and the families enjoyed the cars and the fair.    They made a cool sign for us too!  Once again, we need a club house to put this stuff on the wall! Until then, it’s in my office at work!  It was great meeting Steven who runs and I look forward to connecting his families with star cars around the country in 2010!



After the show broke up, we all went to COCO’s again, and had a nice meal before dissapearing again to the secret hiding places where star cars live….

maybe there is one next door to you?!?!?

Paul had to head home with an empty stomach, but he was set for Vegas…. HEY! Somebody tell him he is not supposed to drive a car from that side!

So the SCC is headed to VEGAS without me, but I will be visiting my “yard art” of a batmobile tomorrow, and I will try and remember to take a few photos.

If you see a star car, you let me know!   If it was in Vegas this weekend, yeah, I know about all of those….. 🙂


Horace Goes Hollywood – and meets his Maker! Who’s Herbie?

Yeah I know, I am trying to catch up, so maybe these are out of order!
Brian all by himself took his screen used HORACE the hate bug to Sunset Gower (my old studio!) to reunite Horace with the original FX guys who built him!

Of course Horace had to be signed (we star car guys like to have the stars of the shows, and the ACTUAL hands on builders of the cars)


So why is this on the Star Car blog? Well it’s cool, and there were SORT of 2 star cars represented that day, as these guys were also working on a certain SHOE PHONE for Sue and her Get smart car!

While at home, Brian’s ROBO-Herbie was feeling like ending it all, as Brian was spending so much time with Horace.

Brian’s actions made Herbie feel like half a car….

OK, now back to our regularly scheduled programming…….



This has been the busiest season yet, for and we are nearing the end of the car show season, but we are no where near done yet! Last weekend about 15 star cars showed up over the weekend to support the Pumpkin Festival and car show, as well as show up for
a couple of special kids from a new partner Steven Firestein He finds fun activities for families touched by cancer and works all the details to bring a fun day to children and families dealing with childhood cancers.

Obi Shawn took the point on Saturday, along with Yoda, and as always had many fans want photos and to talk with a real Jedi.

Sue “upped her game” and now Maxwell Smart sits in the car, with his new SHOE PHONE!

We set up our chairs, and over the course of the day, were a syncronized sitting team, finding the shade under the big orange arch!

Dave who invited us, is the only one in the sun!
Dave who invited us, is the only one in the sun!

We started in an “L” and moved around the back. I am not kidding when I ask for SHADE for the drivers! It was in the 90’s on Sunday.

We each did an interview for a local TV show, and Paul told the guys it was OK to lean against that Red car to steady their shot…. as their arms got tired and they ran out of tape…. Kidding, Oscar, they didn’t hurt your car…. It belongs to “Mawster Robin” anyway!

See? No one is touching… or looking at your car! (Oscar got intervied too, don’t worry.)

Charlie brought his Bullit Mustang, and even had the original owner in the front seat!

A human Sun Dial!
A human Sun Dial!

We didn’t care if we were talking to the back of each other’s heads, no one was sitting in the sun!

On the flip side, Cliff’s Nascar Herbie, and Lou’s Torino teamed up.

Lastly the debut of my KITT with totally redone dash. I can’t say “restored” because it never looked as good! Alex Wong is a Knight Rider GOD! But everyone kept asking why KITT wasn’t talking…. that’s ALEX’s car (Brian, he’s getting a bigger remote for the next showdown!)
I need to check my own flyer to make sure I didn’t miss anyone in the inteview! This was the only time I voluntarily stepped into the direct sunlight!

One of the guys at the fair kept circling KITT and telling stories about the car,  then he brought over the plates he wouldn’t return to the DMV

nate rider plates







charger steve show 003
Even though it was hot, everyone had cold water and good car pals to sit in the exclusive section behind the fence! (Which moved to include any and all shade!) Maybe it will be cooler tomorrow?



Douglas is a fan of all of our Star Cars, and he was searching for a General Lee to shoot, and also wanted to photograph the Tango and Cash truck, so that narrowed the possiblities down to one star car owner, Bob Hartwig! I think Bob is having a good time, and that is a world class burn out, but you will have to click the link to watch it!

Original “General Lee” Dukes of Hazzard Dodge Charger Photoshoot – Douglas Sonders Photography from Douglas Sonders on Vimeo.



I connected a great photographer/videographer and star car fan Douglas, with Paul who has a great Mad Max Interceptor
BACK IN BLACK! The video says it all!

Paul’s Mad Max Interceptor Replica from Douglas Sonders on Vimeo.


Charger Steve Star Car Central First Annual Show! San Diego will never be the same….

Charger Steve and Daisy Duke - Catherine Bach

Charger Steve and Daisy Duke - Catherine Bach

Well Steve Lord, AKA Charger Steve loves star cars.  If  there was ONE star car that got him into the hobby, it was the General Lee Charger from Dukes of Hazzard.  So he bought a replica, then he bought a Rosco Police car, then he bought a screen used beat up car and restored it.  That would be a good story by itself, but Steve loves just about ANY star car and has a fleet of them parked around his house.  So he displayed them at car shows in El Cajon, then he volunteered to run the car shows, and pretty soon he was in charge of the summer car shows in the downtown area.  (While building and running his own car club and oh yeah, paying his bills with his day job, and raising a family and setting his house on fire, but that’s another story….)

So what should a guy like that do? Well, start up a huge car show and invite Catherine Back aka Daisy Duke to the Del Mar Fairgrounds!

So that’s what he did, and  the Hollywood Chapter of  Nate Truman’s Star Car answered the call! 

Dukes fest West Coast!

Dukes fest West Coast!

Steve gathered Five General Lee’s and two Rosco police cars to honor “Daisy Duke” and the Duke boys (the owners!) were all smiles when Daisy sat in their replicas.

The Star Cars lined up in the main hall, Gary’s Herbie from San Diego started the line up,
Charger Steve’s Hal Nedham owned Bandit was next, and Brandy DROVE it to the show! A Charger Steve car that is also TRANSPORTATION! He is moving up in the world!
barndy and Torino
Speaking of Brandy, she and her girls posed with all the star cars. I am not sure, but I think that Torino is SMILING!

Lou and Catherine Bach

Speaking of smiling, Lou seems a bit smitten with Daisy Duke as well!
Paul held court around his BTTF Delorian and took a lot of photos of his car…. with new decorations inside!

Catherine Bach was very sweet and posed with the star car owners and their cars, but she asked for the keys to the batmobile! (She’s seen a few General Lees, so I think it was just a change of pace for her!)

Nate Truman and Catherine Bach

Nate Truman and Catherine Bach

Next to the Bat was “Mike and son’s” TOWMATER truck!
tow mater

Obi Shawn got a new battery and the H-Wing was back on the road with Star Car Central crew!

obi shawn

He is always being attacked by hot girls with light sabers.

yoda and Obi Shawn
Luckily he keeps Yoda nearby.

Hey is that Richard Petty behind the wheel?

Hey is that Richard Petty behind the wheel?

Next was a spot on replica of Richard Petty’s famous racing car…. with Richard at the wheel!

brian with remote

Brian debuted his ROBO-HERBIE with all his new tricks, and had fun all day teasing fans, squirting water on kids, and wagging his antenna. I have never seen Brian smile so much!

Well, there was that time later at the restaurant, where he smiled for a fan’s camera! He practically INHALED his french fries….
brian french fry

After the show, most of us drove up PCH to oceanside, enjoying the sunset with perfect weather. (Well, I was enjoying the sunset, Brian was “peeing” on passerbys with his new water shooter…) We caused quite a comotion when we pulled into the little diner to have some dinner at the end of the day.

star car dinner
After dinner Brian Lou and I had fun passing each other with our cars, three across on the 5 freeway with Starsky and Hutch, Herbie and the Batmobile is just really cool! Thanks go to Charger Steve for a fun show, we shall see if he wants to do all of that again!


10-4 Parade 2009 Hollywood Blvd. Star Car Holy Batmobile and Crime Fighter Crew!

10-4 Police cars and Star cars outside KODAK Theater

10-4 Police cars and Star cars outside KODAK Theater

10-4-2009 was the day of the annual 10-4 day, “10-4”, police event celebrated with a
police motorcade of many classic restored vintage police cars driving
code-3 (full red lights and sirens on).

For a change the POLICE were escorted by STARCARCENTRAL.COM members! Included in the motorcade were on duty uniformed Police Officers, and in service CHP and
LAPD police squad cars, police motorcycles units and many mebers of the cast of the TV show”CHiP’s.” The cars gathered at Fire Station #27 in Hollywood. From there we blazed down the streets through red lights where the parade ended in front of the Grauman’s Chinese Threatre and the Academy Awards Theater. At that point the LAPD and the CHP had all of the local streets blocked off in advance. Once we all arrived and stopped though, the crowds filled the streets, and thousands of photos where taken in just a few minutes!

A few fans surround the Batmobile and Get Smart cars!

A few fans surround the Batmobile and Get Smart cars!

natman and batman! (NOT Scott BTW)

natman and batman! (NOT Scott BTW)

All the costumed heros came out on the street, and of course there were a few Batmen, and a catwoman who gravitated to the Batmobile!
hollywood blvd star cars
Once we stopped, the people flooded the streets to get up close and personal with us and the famous cars!

10-4 day, is a day to commend all
of the Los Angeles County area law enforcement agencies for the hard work
they all perform. This annual event is put on by City of Los Angeles, City
of L.A. Councilman Tom LaBonge, along with the CHP, and the LAPD, and many
other law enforcement agencies. Art Gilmore, who is now 97 years old was the guest of honor. He was an actor, and also announcer, on many old
police T.V series such as; Adam-12, Dragnet, and The Highway Patrol, and

Speaker Nate Truman at 10-4 day Speaker Nate Truman at 10-4 day

10-4 Day Historic Police car drive 2009 00910-4 Day Historic Police car drive 2009 01910-4 Day Historic Police car drive 2009 044 Gang support 10-4 day for second year! Gang support 10-4 day for second year!

Thanks to all the SCC members for taking the day to come support the men and women in uniform! Mark “Adam-12” didn’t get in our group shot, but he was busy getting everyone lined up! SCC roll call in the photo:
Vic and Dana aka the Blues Bros., Jerry “Herbie”, Nate “Natemobile”, Sue “Get Smart”, Paul and Reba BTTF Delorian, Alex “KITT” and Oscar “Magnum P.I.” thanks for all being part of a fun and cool event! Thanks also to all the police car owners and drivers! It was great to see all of them in one place. Gary Goltz debuted his Buick (Looks great, Gary!) all of Barry’s cars, (Especially Robocop!) all the bikers and stars hats off to all who gave of their time.
This is ‘s second year participating in the 10-4 parade. Below is the video from the first time around, when Dave “Bullit” Kunz, Lou “Starsky and Hutch” Cicciari and Paul “Mad Max” Miller raced down Hollywood blvd.

10-4 Day in Hollywood

Fictional cop cars take over Hollywood Blvd. 10-4.

Vintage law-enforcement cars from classic TV shows and movies will be the stars this Saturday morning at a Hollywood and Highland gathering near Broderick Crawfords star on the Walk of Fame.

The event is the brainchild of Gary Goltz, who thinks every baby boomer probably feels the way he did about the original “Highway Patrol” TV show, in which Crawford portrayed Mathews.
A caravan of TV and movie law enforcement vehicles joined the parade, including several vintage “Adam-12” cars, the “Starsky & Hutch” Gran Torino and the “Bullitt” Mustang.


Oct 3rd Montebellow Fall Festival has a Star Car Connection – MAGNUM P.I.!

Montebello Fall Festival is held on the first Saturday in October; in the Downtown District of Montebello on Whittier Boulevard between Montebello & 4th Streets. Saturday, October 3, 2009 was the 4th Annual Montebello Fall Festival.

The Festival attracts approximately 4,500 people and this year brought their starcars. The famous TV and movie cars were front and center down the middle of the street! The Fair is a joint effort between the City of Montebello and the Montebello Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the Montebello Fall Festival is to promote Downtown Montebello; to bring exposure to the organizations and businesses that participate in the event; and above all, to create community spirit by offering an afternoon of “Family, Food and Fun” to the residents of Montebello.

So how do you get such a great group of Star Cars to show up? Easy, be married to a great guy like Oscar aka “Magnum P.I.” and say you will have lots of doughnuts!

DSCN1920 lineup down the center of the street fair! STANTIONS! All the way around! How about that?!


All the owners (Lou, Jerry, Sue, Paul, Oscar and Alex) could actually relax, as the cars were protected for a change from the random person who just doesn’t know how to keep their hands off other people’s cars! No, you should not touch, lean on, get in someone elses car, sit on the hood, put your hands all over the fender, or break off a piece for a keep sake. Yes, all that has happened. NEVER LEAN on someones star car! EVER!!!





LUIS! What did I just say!?!? Good grief! You notice Luis is NOT leaning against KITT?!? I think Alex will have to consider letting Jennifer do his KITT watching in the future… Paul found him later trying to pry off the flux capacitor…. 🙂
Maxwell Smart stands guard, on a great set of famous cars!

So Oscar really is Magnum P.I. as he managed to hijack my club to his fun event, just like Magnum used Master Robbins house and Ferrari! But he did buy doughnuts, and show the guys a good time, while I was ALL ALONE at my home church show for the Marines!
Next year, I will have trouble prying the owners away from this event! Heck, I may be there instead….


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