A-Team Van auctioned off with Star Trek Corvette!

I pity the fool!

I pity the fool!

Well, actually, I don’t pity the fool who bought the van, I want him in the group! On Saturday I attened a star car auction in hopes to get an A-Team van back on the Star Car Central.com lineup. Jason had found this van a while back, but after repeated attempts to get the owner to allow his A-Team Van to come out and play with us, we gave up. Well, then they put it up for sale!
A-Team Nate Truman
The interior had the reel to reel tape deck, the right chairs, even the peg board to put the fake machine guns!
A-Team Van Nate Truman
It was a commisioned replica and they actually did their homework, and most of the details were just fine. So I left a few flyers in the glove compartment, and the drawers in the back, and hopefully we will be hearing from the new owner soon, and that it didn’t leave the state!

A-Team  Nate Truman side

So if you can find the A-Team van, maybe, just maybe, we can have them show up for a few charity shows!
dragonball z Hummer Nate truman
The dragonball Z hummer’s were REALLY COOL and one even went for only 11 grand! I left a flyer inside the door….

little miss sunshine VW Nate Truman
Little Miss Sunshine was a cute movie, and this was the actual yellow VW bus they used… my wife said she would rather drive that than the A-Team van.

star trek corvette Nate truman
Wait, you think this red corvette isn’t a star car? Well, young Capt. James T Kirk drove this one down a dirt road at the start of the new Star Trek movie, and off of a cliff.
(that was a digital effect….)

Fast and Furious F Bomb Camaro Nate Truman
Bob was there and so was his “F-Bomb” camaro from Fast and the Furious, but he had sold it, and it was being resold….

The other cars I wanted to see but were not on site, were the Transformer Police car Decepticon Saleen Mustang, and the Knight Rider Red Banshee inspired car for the remake movie, but they were out of state.
transformers cop car (2) Nate Truman
red kitt Knight Rider Nate Truman

But Tim Allen’s saleen v6 Turbo minivan was there!

Tim Allen Nate truman
I hope we hear from the A-Team soon, but I had to go back to the cave and do some work on the “other” car…
(That’s an obscure batmovie reference from when Alfred informs Bruce Wayne, that Robin had taken a certain car for a joy ride….)

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