HERBIE goes to the movies, and Kent McCord star sighting!

Herbie watches a movie

Well star cars are like wandering cats, you never know where they will turn up!  With out star car central events, they tend to wander off on their own.  Above Brian’s Herbie decided to go see himself on the little big screen for a showing of the “Love Bug”.  
Then a few brave souls showed up at the Glendale Cruse Night.   Kent McCord, star of “ADAM-12” showed up and posed for photos with Mark G.’s  perfect Adam-12 cruiser.

Kent McCord star of Adam-12

There were so many people that just a few feet away, across from the Adam-12 and Sue’s get smart car,

Get Smart with machine gun up!

Get Smart with machine gun up!






that Lou with his Starsky and hutch car, didn’t even know he was there!

Glendale Car Cruise 2009 014

Paul was never seen again after this photo.

Paul was never seen again after this photo.







New to the star car line up, Kyle Tasso : Palmdale California
Replicar : 2007 Ford Shelby GT 500 SVT

I’m Kyle, My Dad traded his 2005 Ford Mustang GT getting a 2007 Ford Shelby GT 500 SVT
exactly the same used in Will Smith’s 2007 Movie ” I AM LEGEND”. Glad to be part of Star Car
Central and looking forword working future events.

I am Ledgend Mustang

I am Ledgend Mustang

Luis is working on a Punisher car, Jennifer is diving into building a KITT of her own,
Obishawn has been traveling for Lucas so it was about time to call the “cats” together again!  
Next up, the Route 66 get together with 13 star cars!!!  Stay tuned!

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