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A-Team Van auctioned off with Star Trek Corvette!

I pity the fool!

I pity the fool!

Well, actually, I don’t pity the fool who bought the van, I want him in the group! On Saturday I attened a star car auction in hopes to get an A-Team van back on the Star Car lineup. Jason had found this van a while back, but after repeated attempts to get the owner to allow his A-Team Van to come out and play with us, we gave up. Well, then they put it up for sale!
A-Team Nate Truman
The interior had the reel to reel tape deck, the right chairs, even the peg board to put the fake machine guns!
A-Team Van Nate Truman
It was a commisioned replica and they actually did their homework, and most of the details were just fine. So I left a few flyers in the glove compartment, and the drawers in the back, and hopefully we will be hearing from the new owner soon, and that it didn’t leave the state!

A-Team  Nate Truman side

So if you can find the A-Team van, maybe, just maybe, we can have them show up for a few charity shows!
dragonball z Hummer Nate truman
The dragonball Z hummer’s were REALLY COOL and one even went for only 11 grand! I left a flyer inside the door….

little miss sunshine VW Nate Truman
Little Miss Sunshine was a cute movie, and this was the actual yellow VW bus they used… my wife said she would rather drive that than the A-Team van.

star trek corvette Nate truman
Wait, you think this red corvette isn’t a star car? Well, young Capt. James T Kirk drove this one down a dirt road at the start of the new Star Trek movie, and off of a cliff.
(that was a digital effect….)

Fast and Furious F Bomb Camaro Nate Truman
Bob was there and so was his “F-Bomb” camaro from Fast and the Furious, but he had sold it, and it was being resold….

The other cars I wanted to see but were not on site, were the Transformer Police car Decepticon Saleen Mustang, and the Knight Rider Red Banshee inspired car for the remake movie, but they were out of state.
transformers cop car (2) Nate Truman
red kitt Knight Rider Nate Truman

But Tim Allen’s saleen v6 Turbo minivan was there!

Tim Allen Nate truman
I hope we hear from the A-Team soon, but I had to go back to the cave and do some work on the “other” car…
(That’s an obscure batmovie reference from when Alfred informs Bruce Wayne, that Robin had taken a certain car for a joy ride….)



Thanks to Jason, we connected to a great Route 66 car themed restaurant and car show in Santa Clarita. Now usually at car shows we get 3-5 car owners that are interested in sitting next to their cars for a charity, but there were some great differences at this event, and all the cars came rolling in! First, cool restaurant, that none of us had been to before, cool car show, but more important, a LATE start time (no 6 am line ups for this group!) so we rolled in around 3 PM and they gave us front row spots. The band was great (and not too loud!) and it wasn’t that hot either! Everything came together for a nice day looking at cool cars, and catching up with each other, and meeting a few new star car friends! First, we need a roll call of everyone who was there:
In the #1 spot, Paul with his BTTF Delorian
I didn’t know that was a three seater!  Jason and his girlfriend wanted to do some time travel!

Oscar with his “ROBIN 1” plates and Magnum P.I. Ferrari was next to him,


Hey, who’s driving Oscars’ car?  I hope Oscar didn’t miss a payment, and it’s getting repossessed!

Then Brian brought his James Bond BMW

Next to Brian was a guy we haven’t seen in a while, Dave S. with his General Lee!  That’s his car I am leaning against on the main photo from the home page.  We hope to see more of Dave in the future!


Lou and Linda were next to the General with his Starsky and Hutch Torino, as they should always be together. Who says red and Orange don’t go together?


Then a pair of Herbies, Jason and New TURBO Herbie!


We grabbed Charlie as he drove in, and put his bullit car at the end of a row, and started moving cars around.


Hey, that guy looking at the Bullit? Yeah, That’s Chuck, he has got some sort of star car, but he didn’t want to move it for fear of a loud band?  Uh, you have a gone in 60 second mustang, you should be used to LOUD!


Then Sue’s Get Smart Sunbeam sat in the shade next to the Herbies,


Then my batmobile on the end, and in the shade, but also right in front of the band!


Lucky for us, the band was great, and not too loud!  These guys rocked and had a great set that even included a few of the themes from some of our shows!

And last but not least, Alex and his KITT showed up after work, and enjoyed the show!


So after everyone got a great meal in a really cool restaurant (five stars!!!) we looked around and found a few other potential members for the Star Car club!

I flagged down a WW2 jeep with a 50 caliber machine gun on the back, he was “familiar” with Rat patrol, to say the least!

Craig had done a top notch job or restoring a really great jeep!  He’s in the club!

rat patrol
I missed a white bus somehow, otherwise I would have suggested a partridge family paint job….

partridge family bus
and I didn’t think he could make any shows too far away, but this guy gets the “GREEN ACRES” star car seal of approval!

green acres tractor
lastly there was a transformer fan with a first movie camaro tribute to bumble bee…

transformer bumble bee

Some yellow air foils, add some dirt and rust, and he’s almost got it! (not the correct year, but hey, he had a bumble bee on his motor!)


Whew!  That was a lot of star cars all in one place!   Later in the night Bob showed up with his Fast and Furious car,

but had to park across the street as the place was packed!  He did a big burn out for the spectators though!


So it was one of the biggest gathering of star cars yet!   Everyone got to spend some time chatting with each other, instead of answering our “5 questions” all day, so we all found a shady spot and started yaking!

get smart
Sue had lots of fans to deal with, that machine gun gets people’s  attention!

nate truman action pose

All the Truman’s know what to do when they hear “ACTION POSE!”


Oscar hanging out with the ladies…. that Magnum car has it’s effects…..  I wonder what effect owning a Herbie or a Horace has on a guy?


oh.  I see.   Brian is uh, actually explaining how much he likes to dance at clubs….


Lou and Linda and Charlie talk about next years BBQ…..


Jason always on the look out for a good photo op got one with the star of the TV show OPERATION  REPO

Then suggested he take one with his girlfirend….

operation repo



Lots of fans, good food, good friends and nice weather, it was fun all around!  I think we may be back next year!

richard petty 43

I even got to meet the owner of this Richard Petty replica, and he was thinking of making a batmobile….

Finally all of the trophies were given out, and we could start to leave.  The star car Kats all slipped out into the knight, to their various caves and hiding places, not to be seen again until next time when the call goes out   “STAR CAR CENTRAL – ASSEMBLE!”



HERBIE goes to the movies, and Kent McCord star sighting!

Herbie watches a movie

Well star cars are like wandering cats, you never know where they will turn up!  With out star car central events, they tend to wander off on their own.  Above Brian’s Herbie decided to go see himself on the little big screen for a showing of the “Love Bug”.  
Then a few brave souls showed up at the Glendale Cruse Night.   Kent McCord, star of “ADAM-12” showed up and posed for photos with Mark G.’s  perfect Adam-12 cruiser.

Kent McCord star of Adam-12

There were so many people that just a few feet away, across from the Adam-12 and Sue’s get smart car,

Get Smart with machine gun up!

Get Smart with machine gun up!






that Lou with his Starsky and hutch car, didn’t even know he was there!

Glendale Car Cruise 2009 014

Paul was never seen again after this photo.

Paul was never seen again after this photo.







New to the star car line up, Kyle Tasso : Palmdale California
Replicar : 2007 Ford Shelby GT 500 SVT

I’m Kyle, My Dad traded his 2005 Ford Mustang GT getting a 2007 Ford Shelby GT 500 SVT
exactly the same used in Will Smith’s 2007 Movie ” I AM LEGEND”. Glad to be part of Star Car
Central and looking forword working future events.

I am Ledgend Mustang

I am Ledgend Mustang

Luis is working on a Punisher car, Jennifer is diving into building a KITT of her own,
Obishawn has been traveling for Lucas so it was about time to call the “cats” together again!  
Next up, the Route 66 get together with 13 star cars!!!  Stay tuned!


Up Coming events and Jay Leno too!

Well the blog has been quiet, but not the Star Car Central team!

As we do different events each year, it never gets boring, but we are all over the map for the coming months!  

Up at the Pasadena Design school, the  gathered in the parking lot, and Paul and Reba with the BTTFcar met up with Nate  Truman (that’s me, my son still tells me to add key words…) but we also ran into Jay Leno,  along with his Eco Jet car, and lots of other sweet rides.

jay leno and paul

While over in Glendale, another set of Star Car Owner’s got together under the trees.

Coming up this Saturday Aug. 8th 2009, come say “HI” and see a great line up of star cars at

Route 66 Classic Grill

 18730 Soledad Canyon Road
Canyon Country, CA

Cars that are coming…
PAUL Back to the FutureDelorian


It’s a great turn out, and there is a car show there as well, plus a fun car themed restaurant!

A few members will be at a Malibu event with Fireball Tim on the 14th, then we will be rolling down to El Cajon for their midweek show on Aug. 19th, then up in Santa Paula for the big Police show…. HEY!  I thought this was supposed to be Los Angeles area chapter?!?     Then on Sept. 20th we will gather for the third time  for the Pasadena Police Dept. in South Pasadena, and then on the the  26th back down south for Crusinfor a Cure (with all of the Back to the Future guys in Vegas for a BTTF event) then about 5 more events in October!  Stay tuned and stop by!   See you on the streets where the star cars meet!

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