San Diego Comic Con Star Cars! Green Hornet, District 9, and dark night bike!

Once a year there is the biggest baddest comic convention in the world, and that is the San Diego Comic con!   It’s not just comics, it’ movies, toys, costumes, statues, art, Television, web and gaming all colliding!  There is no way you can explain all that is there, so I won’t!  But I will share a few of the coolest star cars that will have to join the club in the future!

Let’s start with the most aticipated, the new improved GREEN HORNET BLACK BEAUTY starring Seth Rogan.  Well the great news is they used a 1966 Chrysler Imperial, just like from the original series!   It’s now sporting twin machine guns out of the hood, and lots of new extra’s that we will be able to see on the screen next year.

green hornet Comic-Con_2009e

It sat on the floor, and waited under cover until the stars of the film came out for the big reveal!

green hornet Comic-Con_2009d

green hornet new

Here’s the front with all the rockets out!

green hornet Comic-Con_2009f

Looks like they tubbed the back for those bigger tires, but over all it’s a great update of the original car.

Here’s a clip from youtube for the reveal! 

 More photos here


An interview with the stars and director about the movie


Also at the Con, the dark knight batpod made an apperance

batbike Comic-Con_2009

I am not sure if we will ever get a Distric nine tank to join, but that would be cooltastic!

district 9 Comic-Con_2009

I am not sure, but this hover bike might be from the same movie…..

Comic-Con_2009 vehicle

Of course Bumble Bee from the Transformers was there, I may just have to get a Yellow Camaro….  but that’s so last month!



Now for a “have you see that star car ever off the screen?”   trivia question, do you know what movie this star car is from?”

mystery star car

2 Responses to “San Diego Comic Con Star Cars! Green Hornet, District 9, and dark night bike!”

  1. 1 Wile-E
    October 6, 2009 at 8:17 am

    Condorman! The car was based on a Sterling Nova kit car – I have photo’s of myself as a young boy sitting in the car when it was brought to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (UK) as part of the press showing for the opening of the film (my dad was Chief Projectionist at the cinema) 🙂

  2. 2 That artguy
    July 2, 2010 at 6:29 am

    It’s from the movie Condorman

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