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Just so you don’t think me and my star car pals here in Hollywood are the only ones nutty for movie and TV star cars, I thought I would feature one of our “area chapters” of star car owners.

Michigan Star Cars get together when the weather permits, and the organizer of the get togethers name is really MICHAEL KNIGHT and of course he has a  KITT, but then he needed more so he got a  “zebra 3” Starsky and Hutch Torino!  Once the star car “bug” bites, it never lets go!

Other members that are pictured :  Terry is the owner of Herbie, Mel DRIVES the monkeemobile ON THE STREET (can you tell I LOVE this guy without meeting him? I would love to cruise in my batmobile with him around Southern California!)  Mel started with a Smokey and the Bandit Trans am, and then the  star car bug bit him hard (and his wallet)!!!!
Mark  shows up with his  general lee that was  from the recent movie.  The Star car bug got him as well, as the General wasn’t enough, so he bought the Burt Reynolds “boss hogg” caddy….. and he has 2 black beauties undergoing restoration-one  in Michigan where the group meets, and the other out here in Los Angeles.  (Is it going to STAY out here?) It may have a connection to our SCC group….

Here are a few photos from some of their get togethers, I just can’t stop staring at that Monkeemobile!  ON THE  STREET!  Mel is my STAR CAR OWNER of the month, for putting that on the pavement, and not behind ropes with all the fluids drained!  you go MEL!

100_4024100_4382[1] (2)IMG_1212monkey front 

I am sorry, but seeing that coming down the street is just TOO COOL!   There are only 3-4 monkeemobiles in the world,

but there are a few builders out there putting them together, and even some molds, so someone in LOS ANGELES needs to

get one of these…. or Mel can move to Hollywood! The weather is great out here Mel, no rain, just sun, beaches…. 🙂

Mike has even found an A-Team van to show up!    MIKE has shown that one man with email and a phone, and a keen eye, can make a difference!

This months area chapter award goes to Michael Knight and his star car pals!  Keep them ROLLING!

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