Back to the Future, after the parade, to see new old star cars!

After the Parade, just a few miles away there was a big Back to the Future cast reunion, and lots of our Delorian friends were over there, so we decided to keep the parade going and stop by!   So Lou and Linda, AKA Starsky and Hutch, Nate aka KITT from Knight Rider, Sue – Get Smart Sunbeam, Jerry and Jason’s Herbies, Brian’s Horace the Hate bug, Oscar’s Magnum P.I. Ferrari and Shawn’s Star Wars car all paraded over.  Mark G. and his Adam-12 had to answer a call, Chuck and his Rod got back in their trailer, but all the rest went over to the Burbant Airport Mariott for more star car action!


We all got into the parking lot, and it wasn’t hard to find the Delorians!  Paul BTTF was there in the front making fistfulls of cash, so we went around the corner to find a few other BTTF delorians, and other Star Car central members!  


Still getting everyone’s names right, a few new (to starcarcentral.com) BTTF conversions showed up! Always room for more!

Herbie Get smart Horace and starsky

On this side, the StarCarCentral.com line up, Herbie, Get Smart Sunbeam, Horace the hate bug, and Starsky and Hutch


starsky, KITT and Magnum

starsky, KITT and Magnum

Starsky and Hutch Torino, KITT from Knight Rider, and the Ferrari from Magnum P.I. represent the StarCarCentral.com team.


But on this day, we were outnumbered by the Delorian fans.


We met up with lots of new and old Delorian pals, Jay was in town with his great BTTF replica,


Danny Botkin “aka Mr. Delorian” as well as getting face time with Sean “Ecto-1” who said he will be on the road with starcarcentral.com this summer!

Bill Murray, get your proton pack!

Bill Murray, get your proton pack!

We also met up with Dan and two big Knight Rider fans from Knights of the West coast, and Dan T’s KITT.   After losing a few people who wanted to go inside and get autographs, we had a great lunch impromptu meeting.  The KOTWC fit right in with the gang, as the star car disease tends to grow into other shows, so everyone had fun swapping star car stories over lunch.

What did i learn?  The Burbank parade was fun, and I discovered I like taking KITT on hot days, a lot more than driving the batmobile with no roof, sun visors, or Air conditioning!     The Batmobile will be back on the road for future events this summer, but Tom’s Batmobile was up next for the Ability First red Carpet Event May 1st.   Stay tuned, star car fan…. the best is yet to come!  And if you are a member of any star car web boards for just one car, please feel free to post my web blog link! Maybe next summer – an ALL STAR CAR – CAR SHOW!

A ROW of Herbies, Generals, KITTs, delorians, Torinos…. ya gotta have big dreams!   

Next up the Ability First event, and our ranks swell by a few new cars…. YEAH BABY!!!

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