Herbie, James Bond, Power rangers and the Terminator walk for Foster kids?

Well, kind of!  The Star Car Association helped support a walk for Foster kids in Riverside, and even though the Red Ranger did show up, the rest brought their cars!

On april 18th StarCarCentral.com sent some troops to support a fund raiser for Foster kids. 

Hey, Arnold looks different!

Hey, Arnold looks different!

Martin Sanchez brought out of his LIVING ROOM (yeah, that’s what I said!) His Terminator Motorcycle, and even let Brian sit on it!
Oscars other Ferrari

Oscars "other" Ferrari

Oscar usually brings his Magnum P.I. Red Ferrari 308, but it was in the shop (Many people buy Ferrari’s in pairs, one to drive, one to fix….!)

Red Ranger, buckaroo

Red Ranger, buckaroo




Red Ranger aka Buckaroo signed autographs and blocked kicks and punches from Power Ranger Fans!

Paul brought his Back to the Future Delorian that is always a hit!  Yes, it can go 88 MPH!
88 MPH!

88 MPH!

Brian who usually likes his cars like his martini’s aircooled, and shaky, not stable  (shaken not stirred) brought his new
daily driver star car –  the BMW Bond car that Pierce Brosnan drove from the back seat!  
Q says, he still needs to add rockets...

"Q" says, he still needs to add rockets...

And Jerry brought his collection of screen used Herbie parts, as well as his great Herbie Replica, with screen used parts as well on the car!
It wasn’t the biggest or the smallest event the SCA has done, and as usual, lots of smiles were “handed out” as fans saw cars from the big and little screen
right before their eyes!   
Martin also brought out his White Lambo.  Together they all helped to add excitement to helping Foster Kids in Riverside!
Next up, the Burbank Parade, and the Back to the Future Reunion!  More Delorians than you can shake a Flux Capacitor at, face off with
 KITT, Starsky and Hutch, Herbie, Mad Max, Get Smart
Adam-12, and even Darth Vader!  Don’t miss it!

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