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Burbank goes Hollywood! 3 Batmobiles? Get Smart needs a new Shoe phone, and a parking lot of Delorians? Only here at!!

What a STAR CAR filled day this last Saturday.  The sun was shining and the annual Burbank parade was lining up on side streets along Olive Ave.


Jason (Herbie) had suggested that the Star Car Association was perfect for the Burbank goes Hollywood theme

this year, and the members agreed!   I know star car fans like photos better than reading, so here was the line up!


Jason’s Herbie was getting in good with the Judges, and helped us win first place~


Sue brought her Get Smart Sunbeam, with new Machine Gun, and Maxwell Smart as well!


Chuck brought his “Rod Riguez” as pretty as always!


Oscar back in his proper Red Ferrari, had his Detroit cap, Hawaiian shirt, now he needs a mustache!


I brought my KITT for it’s first appearance with the SCA, Alex works on Saturdays, so the Batmobile stayed in the cave!


R2D2, Yoda, and Darth, along with a storm trooper all came with Obi-Shawn in his star wars car


Paul aka Mad Max was in place followed by a few other Law enforcement vehicles….


Lou and Linda (with neck brace NOT due to Lou jumping his car over hills) were ready to go along with


Adam-12 Mark’s great police cruiser. Bringing up the rear, was a pair of famous air cooled VW bugs,

Jerry’s herbie and Brian’s Horace the Hate bug!


Hey, how come that Brian keeps getting in the photos?  Sir, please move away from the famous car….


Wow, that’s quite a line up, considering we lost Paul’s BTTF Delorian to another event across town, and

at the last minute Tom and HIS batmobile had to catch a flight and couldn’t make it.  But wait? Isn’ t THAT

the batmobile?

Holy unexpected batmobile!

Holy unexpected batmobile!

So as I was explaining to the guys why not only did Tom not bring his batmobile, but I brought KITT instead of

MY batmobile, up the street drives my old pal James D. Simone in his home made scratch built 4 seater batmobile!

We got him to park with us for a while, but he was scheduled to transport a congressman down the street ahead of us!

So there would have been two batmobiles anyway!

The parade started on time, and we had a nice shady street to wait on, and take photos of each others cars, even pose for

a group photo with Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper and Get Smart!


The we all jumped in our cars as the judging was over, and we didn’t even know we had won first place!



Sirens blaring, lights blinking, stormtroopers posing, what’s not to like?



The crowd loved seeing their old “friends” from TV, each car had different fans, and it is always fun to see the recogntion

on people’s faces as they remember what show each car is from!  I enjoyed having Air Conditioning, and a ROOF!

So after the parade, winning our division, and letting a few cars cool their motors for a bit, we had another big star car

event to go to after that!

One - Adam 12, officer in need of assistance....

One - Adam 12, officer in need of assistance....

Well if that wasn’t enough star cars for one day, we were only getting started!
More tomorrow, my uplaoding fingers are tired!!!
Peace love and Star cars…..
Nate Truman

Herbie, James Bond, Power rangers and the Terminator walk for Foster kids?

Well, kind of!  The Star Car Association helped support a walk for Foster kids in Riverside, and even though the Red Ranger did show up, the rest brought their cars!

On april 18th sent some troops to support a fund raiser for Foster kids. 

Hey, Arnold looks different!

Hey, Arnold looks different!

Martin Sanchez brought out of his LIVING ROOM (yeah, that’s what I said!) His Terminator Motorcycle, and even let Brian sit on it!
Oscars other Ferrari

Oscars "other" Ferrari

Oscar usually brings his Magnum P.I. Red Ferrari 308, but it was in the shop (Many people buy Ferrari’s in pairs, one to drive, one to fix….!)

Red Ranger, buckaroo

Red Ranger, buckaroo




Red Ranger aka Buckaroo signed autographs and blocked kicks and punches from Power Ranger Fans!

Paul brought his Back to the Future Delorian that is always a hit!  Yes, it can go 88 MPH!
88 MPH!

88 MPH!

Brian who usually likes his cars like his martini’s aircooled, and shaky, not stable  (shaken not stirred) brought his new
daily driver star car –  the BMW Bond car that Pierce Brosnan drove from the back seat!  
Q says, he still needs to add rockets...

"Q" says, he still needs to add rockets...

And Jerry brought his collection of screen used Herbie parts, as well as his great Herbie Replica, with screen used parts as well on the car!
It wasn’t the biggest or the smallest event the SCA has done, and as usual, lots of smiles were “handed out” as fans saw cars from the big and little screen
right before their eyes!   
Martin also brought out his White Lambo.  Together they all helped to add excitement to helping Foster Kids in Riverside!
Next up, the Burbank Parade, and the Back to the Future Reunion!  More Delorians than you can shake a Flux Capacitor at, face off with
 KITT, Starsky and Hutch, Herbie, Mad Max, Get Smart
Adam-12, and even Darth Vader!  Don’t miss it!



The stars and star cars were out for the first annual Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas, and the star car association and Star Car was there!  This site did a live streaming of the event, lots of photos and info at this link!

SCA members Paul BTTF Nigh and Alex KITT Wong went out early for the Friday events.  Alex KITT Wong had his car included in the first Knight Rider wedding with three KITT’s in attendance on Friday after noon.  A big Knight Rider party with lots of  KR VIP’s was next at the Golden Horseshoe Hotel on Freemont street, and topped off with a great Knight Rider video on the giant roof projectors.

 Then later in the evening a big group of KITTS and one BTTF car slowly made their way down the strip for a group photo under the Vegas sign.


Star Car Association member Alex KITT Wong cruisin the Las Vegas Strip!

What the heck? Designer of KITT was also a designer for BTTF Delorian, and had a twilight zone moment seeing both of them together.

Paul Casey and the Friday Knight Rider crew

While that was all going on, I was sitting in traffic in my KITT, and trying to get there ASAP.  Then after an uneventful trip, I lost an alternator belt around Primm, about 30 minutes from Vegasat 10:30 at night.  I decided that nothing would be open to fix the car, so I kept driving to Vegas and hoped that my battery would get me there, even running with lights, and it did!

I parked the car, figured out that the belt was wrapped around the fan belt and   went to sleep.   On Saturday morning, Paul, Alex and all the other KITT owners put thier cars on display on freemont street, while I slept in a bit, and called AAA for a tow to get a new set of belts for the car.  Then I got to freemont street as they finished the first Q and A session with Knight Rider stunt guys and producers.  SCA Pal Bob TANGO Hartwig, who brought the Attack mode and Basic Mustang versions of the new KITT  helped me find a place to park right under the famous cowboy.

I parked my KITT on Freemont street, and started to meet all of the Knight Rider guys that I had met online in the past years, talked with fans and met up with Danny BTTF Botkin, and Doug and Danny, two star car pals along the way.  Then it was my turn at the podium to share a few KITT stories from my time as the voice of KITT at Universal Studios.

After the questions were over, I signed a few autographs, and a few cars then more Knight ridier chit chat, met Ron the producer who created my job, and Justin ruening  the star of the new Knight Rider show.

catherine-hickland-glen-a-larson-justin-bruening-and-rebecca-holden old Knight Rider meets the new!

catherine-hickland-glen-a-larson-justin-bruening-and-rebecca-holden old Knight Rider meets the new!

Highlight for me was meeting the designer of KITT Michael Scheffe and get him to pose with my car and sign it as well. 


Then off to dinner with everyone at a buffet, and after watching Paul Casey sing for a while, Danny and I decided to check out the stratosphere where he got married a few years back!   

Founder and first member of the SCA, at the top of the world!

 I knew I had to head out early so I turned in so I could beat the traffic on the way home.  KITT passed with flying colors on his first long trip, (can’t hold the belt against KITT, and I was never stranded, I got all the way to the hotel, checked in, the car started again and I parked it, then in the morning KITT still started to get it out for the tow! )

I met lots of great Knight Rider fans from all over the country, and a lot of them are now on the star car central map of star cars around the world!


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