Star Cars crusing for a Cure! With a side of Delorians!

Well, OK, so I have a life, and blogging is not on the TOP of stuff to do, so sue me.  no, please don’t. But I am getting around to posting stuff about all the StarCarCentral.com events that have been happening, it was just a very busy two months!

Well this event got started without me because I have a JOB…. 🙂  In the afternoon Dan and all the Delorian guys invited us over to the HQ to see them all in a row, and where they go to get their flux capacitors fixed.

Brian in the Horace the Hate Bug got there early, and took some photos for us to see.

After synchronizing their time computers, they all headed off to pre-set their cars for the next day!

Bugs and cars with wings!

Notice the EVIL Hate bug is parked in front of a hydrant!

Star Car Line Up!

Star Car Line Up!

Cruising for a cure, is the largest one day car show on the west coast, and I can’t imagine any bigger ones, as you can’t see all of the cars that are there as it is.  All to help find a cure for prostate cancer.  Great show, and free testing for cancer.    Thanks to Charger Steve, we got a great place under cover in the SHADE and so we didn’t move much once we got parked.  Some of the guys complained that they wouldn’t be able to drive their cars around, and after we got there and saw that we COULD drive around, we never did.  After about noon it was in the 90’s and the shade was JUST fine!

Load in was the night before, and I don’t like leaving my batmobile out in the open, but figured everyone else was with their expensive cars, so it should be safe enough.   (I also found out that if  you come late enough, pals will detail your car for you! Thanks Jerry and Brian!)

So here are some photos!

The SCA band of brothers!

The SCA band of brothers (and one tolerant wife!)

SHADE! Thanks Steve!

SHADE! Thanks Steve!

NOT a Barris Batmobile....

NOT a Barris Batmobile....

Barry Meguiar of CAR CRAZY stopped by and posed with Lou, thanks Mike and his team for shining my Natemobile!
whats wrong with this photo?

whats wrong with this photo?

Steve, Brandy and Charger Tots!  Brandy drove her Police car from San Diego!  Steve towed his General Lee!  We discovered his General is a hybrid, it runs on gas and push power!   🙂
A little help? Guys?

A little help? Guys?

Brandy's Mayberry RFD car!

Brandy's Mayberry RFD car!

Even though it was warm, we had nice shade, Linda’s lemon bars, and each had a good time wandering around when we felt like it, and answering the “five questions” for each others cars when people asked.   Next year let’s fill the whole place, and push those Delorians out in the sun!

Good news is we found a new BTTF delorian, bad news is he’s moving to the east coast!

But nice meeting you J!   Have a nice move!  Thanks to everyone who came and made it a fun day!


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