hot cars in a row....

hot cars in a row....

On Sunday Aug 31st 2008  the Star Car Association hit the track, at the California Speedway for the NASCAR Pepsi 500 pre-show.   Thank goodness the temperature dropped about 10 degrees to a nice 85, instead of the 95 from the day before!  Star cars are pretty cool, but not many of them have air conditioning!

Yoda has the pole position...

Yoda has the pole position...

Gentelmen, start your engines...

Gentelmen, start your engines...

Thanks to Paul (Mad Max) Miller who organized this event, we had quite a good turn out!  Mad Max interceptor led the charge, followed by Bob Hartwig’s General Lee, my (Nate Truman’s) batmobile, Jerry Cason’s Herbie, Bob’s Men In Black sedan (with A/C!) Shawn in his “H-Wing” with yoda by his side, Oscar at the wheel of his Magnum Ferrari, a special guest from Cinema vehicles, the new attack mode KITT for the new Knight Rider series, the screen used Monte Carlo from “Fast and the Furious” and the first SCA appearance of the Tango and Cash “RV from HELL”!

Of course NASCAR fans loved Herbie thanks to the last movie “Herbie fully loaded” as the movie’s final race took place at this same racetrack! 

So after gathering at the track offices, we looped around and parked the cars in the infield. Not too much longer we lined up on the back side of the track for our slow drive by lap!

I want to see THIS race!

I want to see THIS race!

We all honked at the RV crowd on the back of the track (but they liked the General Lee’s horn the best!)   Soon we were moving around to meet the big crowd on the other side!

As the announcer blasted our names and info across the field, we had to drive into a BIG crowd of cameras and people!  Lights and sirens blazing, one by one we made our way past the finish line!

Batmobile beats Herbie at NASCAR!

Batmobile beats Herbie at NASCAR!

Even though the Duke boys laid some rubber on the speedway, and Mad Max smoked up the tires, we didn’t get in TOO much trouble for sticking our wheels up on the track (It’s REALLY banked, look at my head leaning to the right to stay level!)  we all made it one and a half laps the right way, and half a lap the wrong way around the California Speedway.

NEW KITT attack Mode

NEW KITT attack Mode

Thanks to Cinema Vehicles, the new KITT attack mode Knight Rider car made a special appearance with our group!  Built on a Mustang GT, this race inspired version looks ready to kill and eat anything in it’s way!
More photos for the pit crews after the lap, and then we all broke off to go to the stands, home or where I sat, under a nice tent with cool misters, and watched turn 4.
NASCAR pit crews like the BATMOBILE too!

NASCAR pit crews like the BATMOBILE too!

After being in the pits for a NASCAR race, I didn’t need to stay for the show, so I went home, and what was on TV at my house? Herbie, Fully Loaded, with the final race at the same track!  I turned to my daughter and said “Hey, I just drove around that track today!”   At least Herbie managed to stay off the fences this time!

at the starting line...

at the starting line…Yoda has the Pole position…


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