Holy Swirl Marks, BATMAN! Team Meguiars continue…

Re: Batman Car Extreme Makeover – Pictures & Comments

Before starting the paint polishing process we tackled some of the other areas that needed attention like the interior… Ryan and Nick roll up their sleeves and dive right…

The Roll-down Dash was all hand fabricated and very very cool! (New Car Manufacture take note).

We’ll see if a little polishing work with brighten it up little to showcase the craftsmanship that was required to recreate the original dash…


The left side is original, the right side is polished.



Time to do the other side…

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1 Response to “Holy Swirl Marks, BATMAN! Team Meguiars continue…”

  1. January 10, 2009 at 7:10 am

    I have to say that many people want to learn how to polish their own cars, but when it comes down to it, not many people want to do the work. Let’s face it, car polishing is not easy when it comes to to some serious elbow work. The only way to achieve beatifull results is to do it properly or not do it at all. I personally do not favour hard work. That’s why I use an orbital buffer. It takes alot of the hard work out of polishing a car correctly. If you have a somewhat dirty car that does need some attention as far as polishing goes,and you don’t want to go through all the step by step procedures, the best and easy way to do this with as little pain as possible is to 1, use two types of compounds, and 2 use it with an orbitle buffer. You will find the results to be outstanding with this method(depending on the condition of your paint of course). The two compounds to get are Meguairs products. The first one is Meguiars paint cleaner, and the second Meguirs polish. You will of course also need two yellow polishing sponges. One for each compound. Next step…Pour some paint cleaner on one sponge(attached to the orbital buffer of course) and go over the entire car after you’ve washed your car. This will remove a lot of the filth off your surfaces, leaving your paint clean and ready for polishing. Make sure you wipe off all the residue. Next, go over the entire car again with the polish using the same methods and completely wipe down. The results from these methods should leave your car looking like it’s expolding from shine. I have written about these methods without the fuss of going through all the procedures of polishing a car. This is a method that works well with as little pain as possible and achieves results quickly.It also removes quite a lot of top surface swirl marks. Believe me, you would rather do this than pay a detailer 200 dollars to actually swirl your paint, which is realisticaly damaging your paint. I don’t know about you, but I don’t pay people to damage my paint. Happy polishing. Dr Buff

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